The upscaler in you

The Safe Water Upscale is about safe water adoption by 680 million more people without any, and another 2 to 3 billion with no trust in the water they have. It requires a change in the rules of the game, to unleash new energy.

Models exist in other sectors about genuine upscaling. It takes a vision, and it takes a framework. The China Renewable Energy Scale-up programme (CRESP), and the associated Renewable Energy Development Programme, provide an example of how to take a putative sector and to let it grow to fullness.

You need to, in every field, start with a 100 million customers at a time, with each initiative and the only path to scale is unleashing market forces. So, if you want to reach 300 million or 500 million with safe drinking water: Sell it at a profit. Find a way to sell it at a profit and then everybody jumps in and it reaches scale. This is what happened in the Industrial Revolution. Why can’t it be, what is done, for water?

—Paul Polak, a serial upscaler, co-author of ‘The Business Solution to Poverty’, 2013, and founder of the Design Revolution, D-Rev, Design for the Other 90%

The CRESP programme is featured in the video ‘When WHEN came home’.

Paul Polak is featured in the trailer of 300in6 video suite, in Upscale 1, in the video/podcast ‘Paul meets Paul’, and other 300in6 media products.

Scaling up access to safe water