Upscale – the Safe Water Review

Our magazine and popular journal reviews the progress made, including barriers overcome, in the safe water scale-up. It has been widely acclaimed as a leader in next-generation journal publishing, and used as a model for training for editors and publishers.

Upscale issue 1 included:

  • Partnership management: more meetings please
  • Design: be sure to use the accidents
  • Sachet cachet: who should untie the knot?
  • Poster of ceramic filters and producer
  • Social investment: visionary fountains
  • Desire: the first will be last
  • Record record-keeping: safety in numbers
  • A day in the life, of Terri Njeri Macharia, kiosk owner

Upscale issue 2 included:

  • Right stuff: A powerful, exclusive interview with Catarina de Albuquerque, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Revolutions, Health Service, Heart of the matter: the accounts of three experienced practitioners
  • Carbon credits as revenue stream: A balanced introduction to potential revenues for HWTS from this enticing but complex new economy
  • Poster on issues of customer response and design enhancement of a candle filter in production in Malawi
  • Spice girls: the front and back office of a most innovative water-centric NGO

Upscale issue 3 (multimedia) will include:

  • Code calling: Interview on the new WHO International Scheme to Evaluate Household Water Treatment Technology
  • Yes, Minister, Yes, Consumer: the intricacies of success in forging national HWTS unity
  • Doing a 180: how a social marketer- turned-entrepreneur looks back, and forward
  • Be BOP Aloo La: growing a national business in Indonesia
  • Traffic lights: a photo-novel up a nation’s M1 Highway(of metaphors) with its obstacles
  • No pasaran!: Red line at Geneva airport illustrates the cultural base of behaviour change

Scaling up access to safe water