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Our focused publication programme is designed capture, add value to and report on key observations of policy and practice which will help to power the safe water scale-up.

It includes

  • News: a regular section of selected insights
  • Upscale: our acclaimed journal-magazine reviewing progress ion the scale-up
  • Studies: Occasional reports and position papers on, for example, platform building, social marketing and carbon finance
  • Hosted works: we host key works of colleagues, notably the Malawi platform and Hystra

These publications are ‘print-style’ and available in digital format and, occasionally, in print.

Our video and audio output are described in Watch, listen

Effective 2014, we no longer publish a rolling overview of HWTS hardware and solutions. We consider that these are properly covered by resource bodies dedicated to HWTS, such as the International Network on HWTS.

Our corporate brochure of 2011 provides insights in the basic beliefs of 300in6.



Scaling up access to safe water