It´s not rocket science, but prepare for lift-off

The Safe Water School project of the Swiss EAWAG (aquatic research), Helvetas and Antenna Technologies Geneva, financed by the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development (SDC), is building a solid foundation in Bolivia, Kenya and Haiti for a large-scale adoption of school-driven water treatment.

A new Antenna video – which could well become a model of excellence for institutional progress reports – presents the key players, and their adult enablers, in the Haiti programme, known as ‘Lekol dlo san danje’ (Lit: L’école de l’eau sans danger, The school of risk-free water). Mainly French, English sub-titles, 5’40″.

The idea now, the film concludes temptingly, is to see what the results of the programme are today, and try and replicate it on a national scale in Haiti. Now, would that be ‘replikayson pou nivo nasyonal’?

[Ed: Antenna also administers SDC support to 300in6 communications services.]