Check the chalk: Market-based development

The 300in6 presence at The Hague on World Water Day was seen a bit, felt a bit and heard a bit – the latter if the crsvol208num8e are correct, seeing how “one participant suggested …” a community-rooted approach, plus the overall plea for universal access to WASH services.

Our stand, and frequent video screenings, were graciously offered us, in the Market area of the celebration, reported here: 300in6-at-WWD-2013

In our quiet moments, we had time to reflect. Could conference organisers learn from how airport organisers have transformed their venues into shopping centres, on the way to the plane?

Instead of placing information markets quite a way from the high-level participants, and vice versa – by over-packing the agenda, and over again, so the HLPs cannot do any shopping trips for new ideas – how’s about allowing the market place to transform the talking shops? Doesn’t anyone walk the talk about market-driven development anymore?